Midwest University Healthcare Showcase

MATTER is teaming up with research universities across the Midwest to showcase their top healthcare technologies. Spend the evening learning about key innovation taking place at the Midwestern universities and get to know the researchers and entrepreneurs who are driving the efforts.

Midwest University Healthcare Showcase


BioAnalytics BioAnalytics is developing the next generation of rapid immunoassay technologies (SCD) in patients with heart failure.
DeNovX DeNovX is a pharmaceutical company advancing an oral therapy for mild-to-moderate ulcerative colitis.
ElectroCyt ElectroCyt is commercializing a diagnostic for early detection of sepsis for the emergency department.
EmotEd EmotEd is a Software as a Therapy (SaaT) platform delivering interactive therapy modules to improve emotional well-being, intelligence, and interaction of patients who suffer from neurological disorders.
Epharmix Epharmix creates powerful “digital interventions” that lead to proven outcomes in some of the most expensive and burdensome diseases including COPD, heart failure, end-stage renal disease, hypertension, and diabetes.
Litmus Health Litmus Health is a data science platform for early-stage clinical trials that helps researchers make better go and no-go decisions based on
patients’ environment, lifestyle, diet, and activity.
Nanopore Diagnostics Nanopore Diagnostics is developing a point-of-care test that detects the presence of infection in a patient in less than 30 minutes.
Output Medical Output Medical automates urine output measurements to improve acute kidney injury diagnosis.
Pathway for reducing cyst growth Pathway for reducing cyst growth in patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease.
Pax Neuroscience Pax Neuroscience is creating diagnostic tests for depression and antidepressant response.
PrescriptIQ PrescriptIQ uses a patient’s genetics to identify the safest and most effective medications for the patient in real-time.
Probiotic Probiotic to prevent or treat Salmonella of all strain types is more effective than vaccinations which only address one strain type.
Rimedion Rimedion is committed to curing rare hematologic genetic disorders through a proprietary vector platform that enables the insertion of correct genes.
Topical treatment for Alopecia (hair loss)


3PrimeDx 3PrimeDx is a clinical diagnostics company developing a novel blood test. PulsePredic, designed to stratify risk of a Sudden Cardiac Death (SDC) in patients with heart failure.
BOLD Diagnostics BOLD Diagnostics is developing a device to remotely and continuously capture blood pressure in patients with hypertension.
Cellular Logistics Cellular Logistics is a stem cell company commercializing an acellular biomaterial that self-adheres to tissue surfaces and promotes regeneration without immunological response.
EP Solutions EP Solutions is a medical device company commercializing an intelligent optically-guided ablation system that provides “one shot” ablation and real time lesion assessment in atrial fibrillation (AF) ablation.
ResQ Pharma ResQ Pharma’s lead program, LipidRescue Therapy (LRT) is an already used off-label treatment for drug overdoses and poisonings that has a clear and inexpensive path to FDA approval and market entry.
Smart Guidewire Smart Guidewire provides cardiologists with real-time accurate measurements about their patients’ diseased valves to decide whether a valve replacement is required.

Rehab Monitoring and Therapies

KIINCE KIINCE is an early commercialization-stage therapeutic device for hospitals and clinics providing gait therapy to the rapidly growing number of brain injury survivors.
Remote Vital Monitoring Remote Vital Monitoring has created Coma Alert, a device that provides continuous monitoring of brainstem integrity to detect worsening patient condition during coma.
Resistance Exercise Device (RED) Resistance Exercise Device (RED) is a comprehensive, portable evice for strengthening swallow muscles in patients with dysphagia.
Smarthub Smarthub is the first personal fitness and activity tracking device designed for manual wheelchair users.

Imaging and Oncology

Accuronix Accuronix is developing new therapies that exploit sigma-2 receptors to reach pancreatic adenocarcinoma and other hard-to-treat tumors.
Certus Certus utilizes nanoparticles to better target chemotherapy for cancer patients.
Clarix Imaging Clarix Imaging is a medtech company developing full-volumetric specimen imaging systems for margin assessment and image guidance in breast conservation surgery.
EnDx EnDx has created the Reveal3D™ test to allow clinicians to identify the various types of diseases within one tumor sample, see how the cancer is evolving in real-time, and lower the risk of misdiagnosis.
Innoblative Innoblative is commercializing a radiofrequency ablation applicator that allows surgeons to effectively coagulate and ablate soft tissue beds intra-operatively.
Magnetic Resonance Elastography (MRE) Magnetic Resonance Elastography’s (MRE) device significantly decreases time required for assessing liver stiffness/fibrosis, enables the technology for smaller organs, and optimizes imaging.
PhotoniCare PhotoniCare is revolutionizing the standard of care for ear infections using an innovation that can “see” through the ear drum.
PixelEXX PixelEXX is an imaging company developing the world’s smallest cameras enabling less invasive interventions with superior image quality.
Predictive Cytological Topography (PiCT) Predictive Cytological Topography (PiCT) is a non-invasive technology to predict the location and grade of prostate cancer prior to biopsy or surgery.
NovaScan NovaScan is commercializing a low-cost, easy-to-use, and highly accurate instantaneous cancer detection system.


MAG Optics MAG Optics’ novel patent-pending technologies include an accommodating intraocular lens (“AIOL”) for the treatment of presbyopia and cataracts as well as corneal implants for presbyopia and broader refractive conditions.
Mannin Research Mannin Research is developing a new class of therapeutics targeted for treatment of Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma.
Opticent Health Opticent Health is commercializing a “best in class” ophthalmic non-invasive imaging device for the diagnosis and monitoring of blinding diseases.
Orion Bioscience Orion Bioscience is devising innovative therapies to provide both immediate relief and long-term solutions to devastating eye diseases.
Repurposed desipramine Repurposed desipramine for treating Stargardt disease and dry-AMD.
RetMap RetMap is commercializing a portable retina mapping system for glaucoma detection.